EMMESpeakers GALILEO speakers review NEW & EXCLUSIVE

Martinelli brothers certainly know how to stir up the speakers industry with their ever striking speakers finishes and out of the box think design approach. EMMESpeakers design manifesto is different, fresh and non typical. Their Style & Passion slogan for sure clearly radiate the spirit of the company. They dare to differ. 

I've already had a pleasure of reviewing the EMMESpeakers Beta and Da Vinci speakers. Both unique and mesmerising. At Munich high-end show 2014 in May they introduced their current flagship Galileo speakers. EMMESpeakers GALILEO took up from the design and acoustical guidelines of the smaller Da Vinci speakers.  Lorenzo imagined something of the bigger proportions and with even more distinctive style and appearance. They look like no other speakers and radiate with the their own aura from miles away. 

Let us here the official word from EMMESpeakers Chief Designer officer Lorenzo Martinelli:

EMMESpeakers is not only outstanding looks and precious finishes, but also sophisticated acoustic designs and technical contents.

With the GALILEO project we brought the DA VINCI concept to its top expression, and despite the dimensions, GALILEO keeps the top features of DA VINCI in terms of speed, detail, focusing and huge soundstage adding massive presence and power handling,  typical of full size speakers.

Thanks to its layout the acoustic centre stays into 12 cm across the whole frequency response, and that is a great result for a speaker of 150 cm of height.

Equipped with seven driver (one 1,2" tweeter, ceramic or as option diamond, two 5" ceramic mid woofer and four 10" aluminum woofer on rear), GALILEO has required a deep study in terms of vibration control and stationary waves of the cabinet.
The issue has been solved thanks the manufacture method of EMMESpeakers, by layers, adding other new solutions. In few words, the GALILEO cabinet uses discontinuities di forma e di materiale, mass variation and absorbing, thanks to the special damping material used inside the cabinet, to keep under control all nocive vibrations.

Even on GALILEO the BSSE system (Box Shaping for Sound Enhancement), property of EMMESpeakers, plays a primary role to provide the EMMESpeakers's sound and its typical wide soundstage.

Designed for wide rooms, GALILEO is able to provide a deep and "bodily" sound reproduction with no compromise, for whom likes to be immersed into the sound event, rendered with thrilling realism.


EMMESpeakers GALILEO speakers are closed bass design with an interesting approach. On the front panel you'll find the latest Accutron Cell ceramic drivers and back side holds four SBAcoustics bass drivers. The basic concept is similar to smaller Da Vinci, but with much larger chassis and with the clear goal of making the new distinctive and more empowered speaker. 

One thing is for sure. EMMESpeakers Cherry Red (metallic red leaf) finish is out of this world gorgeously beautiful. I can never get enough eyesight pleasure from this old traditional method being used by EMMESpeakers with the implementation of the the contemporary materials. Basic principle is the same as used for centuries on the church wall art or with creating the traditional picture masterpieces. The review sample pair arrived in the striking read metallic leaf finish. Tastes differs, but in a bit darker surroundings of the Mono & Stereo larger demo room, they took the whole space with the grand aura. Pictures don't do them justice. You really need to see it in person to fully appreciate the beauty and uniqueness. 

There will be always an open discussion about the certain aesthetic aspects. EMMESpeakers GALILEO speakers are for sure stand out design, that will address some people's inner urge for the mixture of classical and modern design blended in the object of both aural and visual art. EMMESpeakers GALILEO are the company statement and a product of their vision. After all of my corespondency with Lorenzo Martinelli there was no doubt, that he's not the man of a trend following. Rather that that, he and his brother creates them on their own. As much as this might sound bold and hyperbolic its a fact. Company managed to get strong following across the continents with their non prolific designs and EMMESpeakers seems to find their clear spot in the high-end audio and address certain group of people in need for a speakers with fresh and stylish approach. 


EMMESpeakers GALILEO speakers are as said before a unique designed speakers. Positioning them properly in space is of the utmost importance. Remembering my time with EMMESpeakers Da Vinci's, they were less if not almost non problematic with the positioning in my room, but with the GALILEO you really need to take your time. If not positioned profoundly the outcome sound performance will really not be close to what Lorenzo and EMMESpeakers team worked hard for to achieve and present. 

As the bass drivers are back ported and there are only two mid drivers and a tweeter on the front baffle, there is a must (that came as a rule in my listening space) of positioning them closer to the wall behind them. This works great in achieving the best coherency between front and back speaker drivers. It will also give the balanced bass impact, that will cough all the attention. 


EMMESpeakers GALILEO speakers manage to present one of the most impressive instant bass impacts. The reasons? Acoustical design with the EMMESpeakers BSSE system and proper use of the SBAcoustic drivers. I had a chance to hear this driver in two other speakers and the results were inspiring, but not on the level of the GALILEO. I've also talked with two engineers I trust dearly and they were both impressed with the technical aspects of the SBAcoustic drivers.

The speed that back ported four drivers can produce is lighting fast and captivating. I've yet to recall such impact and attacks burst in the similar sized loudspeakers. The share focus and vividness of the lower octave and upper mid bass notes being reproduced creates a palpable bass performance with very little or even nothing to hanker for. 

I cannot get enough of recently sadly passed Charlie Haden bass virtuoso playing. He had a rare gift of playing the notes in a silent way, that never contradicted whomever he played with. He was great for telling his story humbly, yet with authority and never forcing himself up front. That's a rare ability of any great musician. 

Beyond Missouri Sky might be on the warmer side of tone as Charlie always loved to record with tube based preamps. Somehow this recording works greatly with a bit of warm accent. The interplay with Pat Metheny is one of the kind. Like two minds working as one. And the repertoire they choose works so well for this collaboration album. 

Charlie bass was always vivid, lyrical and up in front. With GALILEO I didn't missed a beat so to speak. Precise, fast and on the musical side of things. 

Jumping to the other maestro on bass - Steve Swallow. His bass playing on the Michael Franks Abandoned Garden is as fluid and up on the beat as it gets. Few of contemporary bassists employ such a broadminded playing as Mr. Swallow. Steve fingers seems to simply follow the melody simultaneously with the Franks eternal involving compositions. Again here GALILEO proved to be remarkably following the pace and rhythm with all the subtlety reproduced electrical bass notes being played. 


It seems to be clear minded choice for EMMESpeakers to achieve the desired up to date or so called contemporary sound. With both Accuton and SBAcoustic drivers Galileo brings the open nature and speakers character, that is future proof and ready for all the high resolution hyper movement of digital audio mediums. We're finally getting the opportunity to get as close as possible to the master tapes with all the up going high resolution audio releases. Many of the latest speaker driver technologies are trying to push the limits of resolution and dynamic impact and quite few with stand out results. 

EMMESpeakers Galileo speakers are present and future ready with their clear ability to handle the uber resolution formats of the music. They are ready to follow and they follow the needs and demands of audio standards. 


EMMESpeakers GALILEO speakers are both unique and special speakers. They for sure won't be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who knows exactly what they're seeking door to the intimate private musical universe are wide open.

Packed with the latest Accuton Cell drivers and SBAcoustics bass drivers, they up to date as possible and ready to swing. 

With their unique appearance and bespoke Red Metallic Leaf finish EMMESpeakers GALILEO speakers are remarkable objects of an art. They demand attention of their own. For some they might fall into the territory of the acquired taste, but for selected lucky few the connection will accour instantly. 

EMMESpeakers GALILEO speakers were never intend to be a mass productive speakers, but an company exploration in their vision of the flagship speakers. To operate at their full potential, they need proper driving power and most importantly the proper positioning. Then all the attributes comes to the place. Speed, bursting dynamics and wide soundstage. They can work surprisingly well in the wider space, but as mentioned in my setup I've achieved the best possible result with them moved closer to the wall behind. 

I can clearly see GALILEO's in the upmarket homes of people with  demanding, profoundly taste and different, distinctly stylish view of the world. 

For somebody who wants to be both high-style fashion oriented, technically packed and have all that combined in the high-performance package EMMESpeakers GALILEO musical boxes offers voyage to exclusivity and positivity. 

Text/pictures: Matej Isak

Technical data:

- 3 way floorstanding loudspeaker
- Sealed box
- no. 4 10” - 290 mm rear Aluminium Woofer
- no. 2 5” - 124 mm Accuton CELL ceramic Midwoofer
- no. 1 1,2” - 30 mm Accuton CELL ceramic Tweeter
- Sensitivity 86 db
- Power Handling 300 watt 
- Nominal impedance 6 Ohm
- Frequency response: 20Hz - 20Khz
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 1490mm x 386mm x 452mm
- Net weight (per unit): 80 kg

MSRP: from 14.990 up to 16.900 EUR each, depending by the finish. Here in picture the newest Cherry Lightning finish (red metal leaf).