ENIGMAcoustics Finale concept speakers

From the very beginning, the ultimate goal of the extraordinary team of engineers and industrial designers at ENIGMAcoustics was always to create a world-class, full-range floorstanding loudspeaker system. Frankly, there isn't anything else in the realm of high-end audio speaker manufacturing quite as coveted and, more often than not, failed attempt at creating. Happens to even the best.

ENIGMAcoustics initially aimed to introduce advanced transducer technology while veteran design expert XD Design was appointed to provide an unique brand of aesthetic vision the high-end loudspeaker market has never seen. The ensuing prototype demonstrated it's ability to create coherent sound with great imaging. However, it was precisely during this period of rigorous R&D stage the team of engineers discovered the unparallelled effects of the now-patented SBESL™ (self-biased electrostatic loudspeaker) technology used in the customized in-house super tweeter.

When isolated from rest of the floorstanding system, the super tweeter was generating startling results, especially while operating strictly as an experimental add-on unit to various world-class brands of loudspeaker systems in a dual channel setting. Almost immediately a secondary directive was put in place in order to allow a new team of engineers and ID designers to start work on a retail model, knowing full well that a product of this significance has never been introduced in the super tweeter market. Sopranino is the culmination of the subsequent thousands of hours of efforts that went into perfecting this gem of an innovation.

To describe it as a difficult task – designing and delivering a full-range floorstanding speaker that is visually stunning and captivating acoustically – is an understatement. While Finale is still a couple of clicks away from emerging as the rightful flagship of ENIGMAcoustics, the extremely effective Sopranino Series – world's first and only self-polarizing electrostatic super tweeter – has already successfully showcased itself to hi-end audio connoisseurs and music lovers everywhere what a little persistence and ingenuity can accomplish.

Design 3-way bass reflex
Driver Units HF: 2 x SBESL TA10 Presto series MF: 1 x 5” Ultra low distortion neodymium magnet LF: 2 x 8” Ultra long excursion and dynamic range
Frequency response 30 Hz ~ 30 kHz +0/-3 dB
Amplifier wattage 50W~300W(recommendation)
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 90dB
Nominal Impedance 4Ohm
Weight 80Kg
Dimensions H1380xW650xD380(mm)