Graditech Lumi 3 speakers cables review

Here and there we come across something unique and fresh in high end audio, that put things again in the positive perspective. World of high end is literally cluttered with vast offerings and so called high-end products. Especially the cable segment blew to the crazy proportions in past decade. Everyone wants to grab the opportunity in getting their share of the big global high-end audio market and cable manufacturing for sure looks like an easy venture. The reality strikes back quite quickly. Creating the real high-performing, harmonically correct and musical cables demands more then just an virtual idea. 

Because of all mentioned above many reviewers stood out of the testing cables frenzy. It can be understood, yet still this causes a disservice to those who really work hard in creating  something special and worthy of the attention of both industry and consumers.

I'm among the cable geeks and fanatics, that cannot really stand apart of what's new in happenings of high-end audio cables. Globalisation opened up the doors to many technologies and materials, being before strictly reserved for selected few. Either those with funds to acquire know-how of advanced materials or those finding some special and unique ways of making their cable product distinctive from the mediocre cable products implementing of the shelf materials and know concepts. 


Graditech was founded in 2000 as an electronics component company addressing the needs of Finnish loudspeaker and amplifier companies. Its founder Pasi Lankinen was a music lover and enjoyed solving problems. Hence, creative and innovative solutions became one of Graditech’s hallmarks and core competencies.

Over the years, Pasi and his team saw almost everything that could go wrong with audio components, listening, spaces, even production; thereby occupying Pasi’s mind with new challenges.  The idea of developing a cable first came to Pasi when he were setting up a large number of high-end systems to customers and it came clear that there was no one cable for all systems and music.

As in any well designed and thought out audio component, Pasi mapped out his idea and began his research. He bought spool after spool of different wires to understand the relationship between how they were made and how they sounded. Relationship between sound and theory. He did the same for dielectrics, connectors, and even solder.  With the winning cables in hand, he then needed to determine the configuration of the final Lumi 3 cable.  Applying his best math skills juxtaposed against his ears, he entered a phase of testing different configurations.  After numerous tries and months, he finalized Lumi 3. From this experience he could derive great performing Lumi 1 or 2.

Armed with more knowledge of music, wire, metals, materials, and their respective interaction, Pasi attacked the interconnect challenge.  Today, the Graditech line is expanding into power cords.


Graditech Lumi 3 takes an interesting concept, that I haven't seen so far being used with any other cable manufacturer. Everything about this cables starts to evoke intriguing interest. It's simplicity correlate with complexity of the main feature, that sets Lumi 3 so distinct apart. And that is the 48 combinations of sound possibilities. Yes, its wickedly great idea. 

”One wire for any system with the ability to tune for your room and system… sound, tonal quality, soundstage. System dependency is eliminated and every note comes through.”

Graditech introduced the adjustable cable in the full sense. It shifts the paradigms of how effective cable matching process can be. Without the soldering, twisting or plugging in and out of the amplifier. Its fast, bold and effective.  

Let us look at the technical side:

- Three twisted pair of three different conductors – single-threaded copper, stranded copper, and silver-plated stranded copper – selected to generate the best sound and parity between the amplifier and speakers.
- ALC™ technology and CablePark™: two conductors at amplifier and six at speakers
- Dielectrics: Air, THEIC-modified varnish, PVC and Teflon


How you suit the review words with so many options on hands and with such wide possible sound imprint. The basic process is very easy, but you'll just have to invest some quality time to find your suited tone balance. Graditech Lumi 3 speaker cables can be either transparent in sharing the natural transparency or add the touch of the warmness, that might be needed in some systems.  It depends on the combination of what "materials" you blend with the Lumi 3 connection choices. I'v managed to get impressive results with few dedicated combinations. It was for example  dependable either I used Thrax Audio Dionysos or Robert Koda Takumi K-10 preamplifier. Both get well balanced with my reference speakers - Sonus faber Olympica III. While Thrax works on a bit warmer side of the sound signature, Robert Koda Takumi K-10 acts much more transparent, yet with still enough touch of the natural dark warmness. Of course with Lumi 3 I didn't choose the same settings. Most importantly I've ended up with the same wanted result. And that tells a lot! 

I took my best collection of 45rpm vinyl to go in depth with the Lumi 3. Nat King Cole Love Is A Thing, Getz/Gilberto, Ry Cooder Meeting By The River etc. These are classics and for me to they help me to hear where some particular product point at. Either closes to the music or farer away. 
With Lumi 3 the inherited energy of music stayed the same. It acted interactive with the transfer of the emotional exchange that great music can offer. And that rare in the times where everyone sees their goal strictly in the endless resolution quest. Resolution and dynamic openness must be there, but never exceeded and always subordinate to the music. 

By all means all the combinations I've tried with the different preamplifiers and amplifiers resulted with the musical and harmonically enriched/correct sound reproduction. It might take a bit of the efforts to find the right combination, but isn't this what we always hankered for? The real choices, that produce actual musical results! Well here you go!


It's hard not be excited about the Graditech Lumi 3 speaker cables. This might be the last cable needed for many audiophiles and music lovers. The stand out adjusting feature brings the ability to fine-tune your system and brings the sound creativity in the one package. 

The differences with vast possibilities are not subtle. They can alter the sound to the level, that makes Lumi 3 a special player. 

Sauli and the Graditech team took the simplest idea of the ever going audiophile quest and transformed it into the final product, that will stood in the time. Lumi 3 is for sure something that will intrigue seasoned audiophiles and capture the minds of the new high-end audio newcomers.

If you take all the possibilities of sound voicing and fine tuning, that Lumi 3 is offering these speakers cables quickly become more then just an interesting sound shaping tool. They morph into the investment. In trying to calculate how much funds we already spent or plan to for our quest of system balance and fine tuning Graditech Lumi 3 actually stands as an affordable high-end audio cabling solution. 

Graditech Lumi 3 speakers cables for sure brings the fresh air into the high-end audio cabling segment. They are designed with expandability in mind and saves a lot of trouble with getting the speaker cabling right. Many of us use few sets of cables for our needs of enjoying the music and for testing purposes. Even with the smallest changes with the different speaker cables you move or get closer to the desired result. Lumi 3 speaker cables offers hands on direct approach and fine tuning of the sound with an instant results on the level that defies the current high-end convention most high-end audio cable manufacturer are attached to. 

Lately I've stumbled on numerous comments and discussion on the actuality of high-end developing and opening of the new horizons. Graditech Lumi 3 speaker cable is a prime example to prove them wrong and shout down those loud voices of distrust. They are packed well, designed classy, and with sound abilities to challenge the hordes of exotic cables out there. 

For what Graditech Lumi 3 represent and practically does I knew from the start, that it deserved special accolades. Graditech Lumi 3 speaker cables is given the Mono & Stereo prestigious highly recommended award.

Text: Matej Isak, Editor-In-Chief, Mono & Stereo High-End Audio Magazine