Kaiser Kawero Classic speakers review is coming up

Today I've had a pleasure of the first exclusive listening session with the Kaiser Kawero Classic speakers. Igor Hočevar of Element-are d.o.o., the Kaiser Kawero official distributor for Slovenia, Italy and ex. Yugoslavia was an ardent host. He elegantly and swiftly presented the guided musical material, that instantly highlighted speakers stand out the key attributes. All in the acoustically elaborated and  impressively looking  listening room. 

I'll go in more depth with the upcoming listenings, but for now I've highly enjoyed first presentation.  Kaiser Kawero Classic speakers are intriguing high-end, high-performance speakers with the impeccable finish and an timeless aura surrounding them. 

Element-are d.o.o., Resljeva cesta 3, Ljubljana is the official distributor of Kaiser Kawera for Slovenia, Italy and ex. Yugoslavia along with other established high-end audio brands like Siltech, Synergistich Research, Fono Acustica and Vertex AQ.