Lawrence Audio preamplifier

The little known Lawrence Audio preamplifier: 

The vacuum-tube has second level regulation. It uses hybrid capacitors and push-pull output. It has a wider frequency and a greater dynamic range than the average pre-amplifier, giving the music a fuller feeling. It creates a greater dynamic without reducing the quality of the music. The reduced quality may arise from waveform compression during volume change. This pre-amp reduces impedance to one quarter. Timber package box, two rose gold-plated knobs with Graysill 24 rotation amplification

Maximum Output: 60v
Frequency response : 16Hz – 40kHz-2db
Magnification : 15 times
Output Impedance : 10k Ohm
Input Impedance :100k Ohm
The use of vacuum tube: 6CA4 × 1. 6 BQ5 × 1. 6SL7x1. 12AT7x1. 6DJ8× 2. 6H30x2
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 5.5x17.7x15.7 inches (14x45x40cm)