Lindemann Musicbook 25

You’re a music lover? You treasure perfect sound quality? You want to enjoy music without the need for a computer? You appreciate the comfort of remote controlling via an app? But you still don’t want to go without CD playback? You also want to listen over a good headphone sometimes? And you would like to connect a turntable? All this can be done now with only one single device, the musicbook: 25.
The musicbook: 25 is a streaming preamp which can handle both the high-resolution music playback of HighRes downloads and CD playback on the highest level of sound quality. No matter if you’re streaming music from your music server, listen to internet radio or load your favorite CDs: you’ll be amazed at the great sound potential that’s slumbering in your music collection.
The musicbooks are designed and manufactured exclusively in Germany. They represent the essence of 20 years of experience in the development of hifi components at Lindemann. Today a lot of those devices like the AMP4, CD1, the first German-made SACD player D680 and the members of the 800 series enjoy cult status with audiophile listeners.