Live and lifelike or audiophile sound?

 can never be too tired or too old for this. It`s always a pleasure to make a reality check in regard to the real, live music, that always gives a refreshing perspective and helps in not forgetting what live music feels like. I've been lucky to participate in a few live performances lately. From small jazz club, ethno folk, classical recital, vocal ensemble and blues band - it was always the same feeling. Dark, warm, natural timbre, without screaming highs or any signs of pinpoint focus. There seems to be preference for certain audiophile type of the sound which is O.K. if acquired taste, but it has little to do with the way live music sounds in real life. Perhaps in the future we can start to classify two types of the sound: the high performance audiophile sound and the lifelike reproduction that reflects the live nature of the music. This would help out in clearing a lot of confusion in both approaches and would offer a more substantial insights into the high end audio gear