Soledge Alto multi player NEW

Soledge is announcing their latest product from the Canto line: Alto, a DAC/network music player. Alto was developed in order to satisfy customers who are both music lovers and who demand the latest audio quality and design. Alto has the ability to connect to any type of audio source to read entire music libraries within the home.

Alto is for people already equipped with amplifiers wishing to enter the world of cloud music. It is very easy to use and contains an unlimited distribution system.

With its sleek design, Alto is considered a work of art that easily integrates into the contemporary home’s décor. Seeking to excel, Soledge combines modernity and lightness to the Alto design in order to create a symphony of aesthetics.

This avant-garde product was designed to be connected to a PLC network. Alto contains a Digital- to-Analog Converter and a preamplifier which results in the elimination of unnecessary audio cables while producing the highest quality sound.

A Multi-Source Player:

From music stored on wireless devices such as tablets, Smartphones, and laptops to online music applications such as Deezer, Qobuz, and Spotifiy, Alto is capable of playing any type of desired music.

reads music from any home network (Wi-Fi, Ethernet or PLC). By plugging directly into Alto, the audio quality of all other sources such DVD/Blu-ray, game consoles, TVs, and radios is enhanced.
Alto is the ideal partner for the music server, Maestro, and the amplifying network, Ténor, to build a multi-room audio network of the most current and unsurpassed quality.

SOLEDGE has once again brought Hi-Fi into the world of exceptional sound and sleek design with its high-end music player, Alto.