Vertere Audio revisit

Mr.Touraj Moghaddam of Vertere Audio revisit my audio room with his production reference turntable, RG-1 with the retail price around 17,500-00 UK Pounds. The whole experience is most educational and entertaining. He proved to us that there are more to design an effective turntable than merely rotating our precious vinyl records at the required speed, which most designers will undoubtedly tell you as the objective of a turntable. The Vertere turntable is designed with the same simple objective of spinning the black disc but with so much more factors considered than others'. 
Ultimately, the result is what concern us more than anything else (at least to me). 

After listening to a number of familiar records, all of us present notice how right the "timing" of the presentation. The tone(s) is clearly played at the right speed with the right start and stop then continue on with the next one. Our bodies react positively to the music and that is a good sign that we are enjoying music here.

The High high and the Low low are well extended as the recordings allow without any hint of compression whatsoever. I wish to iterate that both extremes are so cleanly presented that informations keep flowing out at us in the most musical sense.

I wish to say that Touraj is great at setting up the analogue system and he knows what to look for in the tones.

He knows that he has a home here in my audio room...enjoy

Dato' Danon Han