Wolf von Langa A1.0750 driver NEW

The all new Wolf von Langa A1.0750 successor of the legendary Western Electric full range speaker is in production from July 2014. The speaker unit follows Wolf von Langa terms of reference and a new motor has been designed with true symmetrical magnetic field, low dissipation, and the unique possibility to change Thiele Small parameters in a senseful way. The all new Bimax spider arranges for maximum linearity from the 1st listening minute and the modern way to conduct the signal current to the voice coil allows best free moving space. Needless to say that the spider is ventilated generous. With an efficiency of more than 93.7 dB/1W/1m and a frequency range from 70 - 13,000 Hz the original specs are strictly adhered. Sound reproduction impresses through naturalness without the well known shout effect of the competitors or most other full range units with whizzer cone.