ALLNIC Puritas Boron and AUT 2000 MC transformers step-up or the Combo Power

When I met my pal David Beetles and Kang Su Park, last May at München MOC 2014, while chatting and greeting and laughing, they misteriously told me: "In a few weeks, you'll get, see and listen to "something" truly special... you do deserve this experience!".

Few days ago... wow... I understood the Munchen's promise;-)

I recently got a brand new, improved and gorgeous ALLNIC's Puritas Boron cartridge and an AUT-2000 MC transformer.

Both David and Kang Su strongly wished having yours truly to listen to their flagship top-of-the-line cartridge properly matched with a Permalloy core transformer simply conceived and made for this very cartridge.

I used my previous Puritas Boron mounted on Archè VTA/SRA headshell matching with my best SUTs - i.e. Peerless 20/20 4685, WE 618B and Peerless 4611 with superb results in the very merit-order as per a.m. listing...

I someway boldly felt I already got the soul and understood everything the Puritas Boron is able to extract from the most inner vinyl groove, so... well, I headed myself to taste the full ALLNIC's combo lightly hearted, waiting for no blasts or sonic fireworks, but some nice, correct, sound.

I mounted the Puritas on Archè headshell and used my The Peak 12" arm and Garrardzilla 301... something I deeply know, as I'm able to hear also smallest combo variation.

I took away the 4685, actually in use, and swapped for AUT 2000, as well. 

The first disc was a double bass duet album of Bottesini music on Italia label...

The soundstage immediately and further opened like my little, humble studio got some meters more in size on every wall... consider that the papers accompanying the transformer says it was brewed in South Korea on last June, so barely tested and tasted by Kang Su Park, himself, as per his signature on papers... sure a non broken-in unit.

Impressive... a very, very impressive performance... but so good I guessed - shame on me - thanking the disc, so great in performance and sonics to magnify the ALLNIC's stuff...

I turned my ears to "Verite du Clavecin" on Sarastro at 45 rpm, a 1755 Hemsch harpsichord masterfully recorded by Georges Kisselhoff.

... and I almost fell from my chair, folks...

The disc quality is awesome, must say... Harry Pearson's TAS told us all decades ago... nonetheless, what Puritas and AUT 2000 does to this disc and music is simply the very best I ever listened to, period.

Puritas, Arche and Schick arm (an old pix)

THIS extraordinaire cohesiveness is the combo - SUT and cart, cart & SUT - merit, no doubts... Kang Su is possibly using alien technology or simply - and likely:-) - he knows how to properly wind his irons and every trick concerned!

The Gotorama shines and truly disappears... only a granitic sound bubble is perceived, where the harpsichord is in front of you, the musician is breathing and everything sounds so natural and quick and dynamic and airy... yet sound is so well rooted to the recording venue and my room, so phisically here!

I'm going to say something dangerous, something I very seldom say or even think... but... well, HOW could I enjoy more my system and any music played on it?

How could I change anything on my system without risking to loose this?

I'm now very worried and afraid of loosing the magic, like never before!

Did this bliss change when weather getting colder, on next winter?

... or with humidity increasing?

OMG... I'm in tears, as I hate the above questions: I'll sure have nightmares on the matter... I'll bet it!

... maybe this it the cost for audio bliss, who knows? 

Thanking Kang Su and David for such a stellar adding to my humble audio system.

Stefano Bertoncello.

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