Analog Domain Isis integrated amplifier & SoulSonic speakers

After few listening hours with Analog Domain Isis integrated amplifier at Mono & Stereo HQ's I've urged Angel, that we prolonged to the SoulSonic Speakers demo room and meet Mr. Soulman - Miro Krajnc. I was really happy to see and hear two great minds discussing the ultra high-end reproduction and their elaborated takes on amplifiers and loudspeakers. 

Angel Despotov profound knowledge in a combination of his charismatic character creates an experience, that draws you in the conversations bu all means. In similar way Miro shared his lifetime experience and realisations. Both Angel and Miro were also respectful listeners. This is a virtue, that is hard to find these days. 

It was long night with practical experiments, Angel demonstration of German quality, long talks and having fun. We agreed to meet again in two weeks after Angel return from Hong Kong.

Analog Domain and SoulSonic speakers represent two ultra audio brands, that pushes the limits of high-end in most extreme yet knowledgeable and refined way. Stay tuned!