Clones Audio PA1 phono preamplifier NEW

Clones Audio just released all new PA1 phono preamplifier. The world first exclusive test is coming at Mono & Stereo soon as review unit should be here any day now. Stay tuned for first listening impressions soon. Look much forward to new device from Funjoe!

Bring back Vinyl to your Life....

Internally adjustable with DIP switches, the PA1 phono amplifier can bring new life to most any MM or MC cartridge.The external power supply is carefully stabilised eliminating cross-talk effects. Musical, detailed and dynamic.


Cartridge Loading: 33ohms, 100ohms, 1K ohms, 47Kohms
Cartridge Capacitance: MC 1100pf, MM 100pf
Selectable Gain: 48dB, 52dB, 63dB, 70dB, 74dB
Output Impedance: 68ohm
AC Voltage: 115V or 230V
Power Rating: 5W
Net Weight: 1.5kg (Set)
Dimensions: 124(w)x45(h)x128(d)mm (Each Unit)
* 5 year warranty