Cornelius Sensuous vinyl

Here's one of the albums that I will be bringing to the California Audio Show to challenge our system in the ballroom.

Cornelius (real name Keigo Oyamada) is an extremely inventive Japanese Indie-rocker. Cornelius is arguably one of the best known of the wild-child Shibuya-kei rockers from Tokyo. He is often compared to Beck, but I protest the comparison - while they are both creative, they are completely different!

His 1997 album, Fantasma, is still one of my favorites, and Point from 2002 is excellent as well. This album, Sensuous (2007), is a gorgeous sonic palette of sounds that will challenge any hifi system - it even challenges the behemoth Genesis Dragons. This is one album which will go down to 18Hz and the percussive impacts challenge even the famous Genesis ribbon tweeters and midrange.

The reason for this was that Oyamada was fascinated with the audiophile/hifi demonstration records of the '50s and '60s (I've previously posted some of these) and it shows. He uses a mix of acoustic instruments, synthesizers and everyday objects to create a wonderful tonal and harmonic soundscape, with huge dynamic contrast. While Cornelius is usually classified as Indie-rock, he then goes on with a different treatment of Breezin' - the jazz-pop tune popularized by George Benson and even plays with Frankie and Dean.

Sensuous is best listened to on vinyl - so that you resist the urge to skip tracks because Oyamada takes you through a bizarre and beautiful soundscape like a journey. The destination is a surprise - and forces you to wait another 5 years for his next album. Actually we've already been waiting 7 years *sigh!*

Mono & Stereo friend Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.