FM Acoustics experience at Natural Sound

As you requested. Complete pictures set (75+) and few more words about the FM Acoustics system approach and sound experience at Natural Sound hosted by Hari Ċ trukelj. 

This was rare opportunity to hear a complete FM Acoustics system and upon Natural Sounds invitation I've started early to reach Hari Ċ trukelj in Italy. We wanted to dedicated enough time for in depth listening and actually spent the whole day through the musical enjoyment as well as discussing the art of high-end audio technology. 

Fully balanced FM Acoustics system offered a unique opportunity into the intricate world of the music. If you ever met the man behind the brand Manuel Huber you'll understand his creations urge, goal and products more closely. With his creations he shares his intimate look into the world of music. And speak openly about it, this is what high-end audio reproduction should sounds like. Closely related to the music as it it and without any artificial ornaments or exaggerations. Manuel sticks to the primary attributes of the tone, timbre and natural colour. If these attributes are set as the building blocks of any high-end audio component the musical sounding result is assured. 

We've lately bumped into the strange phenomena where high-end audio became more of an F1 racking track rather then exchange of intimate musical emotions. The ultimate ultra high-end audio pursuit should always be the reproduction of the music as it is and not the speed chase of details, sound (d)effects and resolution. We for sure need more people Manuel Huber and palpable products like FM Acoustics, that actually relate to the music and resolve the playback in a connecting soul fulfilling way. 

This is first preliminary report with more in depth writing coming up.

FM Acoustics system under the listening:

Inspiration System XS - IIIB, Resolution Series FM 233 Phono Master, 4 x 111 monoblocks, full FM Acoustic cables and Resolution Series FM 268 C flagship preamplifier. Digital front end was Ayon CD player and analog front end Kozma M with Kozma 4point and Koetsu cartridge.