Girls: Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Here's a new modern album with a nostalgic bent. If you grew up with music from as far back as the 50's - this album will sound instantly familiar and yet you just can't put your finger on it.

Girls: Father, Son, Holy Ghost is an album that sounds incredibly good, comfortably familiar, but also exceptionally new. The music hasn't been as popular for the younger generation (think the 20 to 30 year old), but it is a great example of how well-pressed and produced a modern rock band can achieve.

The collectible double vinyl (one white, one black) is dynamic, clean and the recording quality is exemplary. Instrumentation is distinct and well focused. Like the recording engineer really knew his mic placement, picked exactly the right microphone for every instrument and worked hard at getting it right.

The first track, Honey Bunny has me thinking of Pet Shop Boys..... may be - California rock for sure, and great music for Summer and a road trip. Another track reminds me of Deep Purple, another of the Beatles, but a version still new, modern and fresh. Over four sides Girls' singer and songwriter Christopher Owens brings this album to life with lyrical songs about love and life and sex and friendship (but no drugs or rock and roll).

It is unfortunate that the band broke up in 2012 after this album. The vinyl is easily available still. Grab it while you still can.

Mono & Stereo friend Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.