Koetsu cartridges signed by Yoshiaki Sugano

Now this is special rare opportunity for Koetsu and analogue fans. A gift from the past! Koetsu cartridges signed by Yoshiaki Sugano:

After about 40 years in the audio business I have collected -without really collecting- a lot of audio and audio related material. In fact after all these years a part of our warehouse is like a small audiomuseum. Lot of things, each with their own story. Today some of these hidden treasures we want to share with you here on the blog. 30 years ago we introduced Koetsu cartridges to the European market. I went to visit Yoshiaki Sugano, the man who built the cartridges, several times.

During one of these visits I received two cartridges as a gift from Mr. Sugano. One for mono and one for 78 rpm discs I think these are UNIQUE Koetsu cartridges. Signed by him and with some personal notes. Now I want to give someone the opportunity to obtain these cartridges. These have never been used and are in excellent condition. I also have 2 other Koetsu Onyx cartridges. Don’t know the condition of these, don’t know the story (if any) behind these. If someone is interested, please make me an offer before we offer them through general public websites like Ebay.

It concerns the following models:
-Koetsu Wood for mono 78 rpm records
-Koetsu Onyx for mono records, personally signed by Y. Sugano
-Koetsu Onyx for stereo records (2 pieces)

If you are interested in these cartridges, please contact us!

With kind regards,

Herman van den Dungen