Lyn Stanley Lost In Romance vinyl

Lady from other, glorious time. Lyn Stanley Lost In Romance on 45rpm is an intriguingly great album, that takes you to another time, when music was respected and performed with its full emotional impact. Art, style, passion and subtle lyrical feeling for performance makes Lyn Stanley a true stand out and a league of its own. She embarks you to a timeless journey when one instantly  forgets about the world's shorts comings and simply immerse into the music. 

Although recoded digital the sound of the record is more closer to live, life-like feeling then most records. This is digital done right and transferred to out beloved analog medium. The sense of space, openness and clarity embrace the music with a grand feeling. 

When I switch to 45rpm this is always my favourite repertoire as well as serious test album for detailed listening and reviewing. 

I'm looking forward for the Lyn upcoming album Potions. This new project takes her back into the glorious 50's and some of the music, that marked that era profoundly. Stay tuned...

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