Native DSD free compilation of DSD and DXD music

Native DSD is offering a free compilation of DSD and DXD music and one free track that changes each day.

a Native DSD service label

Just Listen is a continuously evolving Native DSD service label, comprised of the site's label partner's proof samples in their original recorded formats. Additional derived DSD bit rates, and/or DXD format conversions are also included at the label's discretion. The samples are presented at no charge, in stereo, multi-channel, and even in some instances, binaural. The intent is to provide listeners access to the most advanced professional recording formats, both DSD and PCM, recorded at the highest standards of acoustic recording art, at advanced DSD bit and PCM sample rates. 

These music samples generally include the original master recording in its native format. DSD down samplings and/or DXD format conversions are made via normal studio practice with professional digital workstation remodulation, or in the case of DXD (352.8KHz PCM) conversion, via Merging Technologies' Pyramix. This DXD conversion is the studio mastering process used for projects requiring post process mix operations. They are included to allow the listener to judge the effects, if any, of these conversions.

The objective of Just Listen is to provide listeners a music content toolkit of multiple formats and bit/sample rates of newly recorded acoustic music, to help promote comparison, discussion, and education. They are a back stage peek at the acoustic music recording process, allowing listeners reference standard music on their systems, to best judge present day and future music recording technologies.