The PranaWire Linebacker XE

Here are few more details about intriguing new PranaWire Linebacker XE with mega Sized pure Silver Super Enhanced Ground Plane.

- 1.5m Cosmos Power Cable With Custom Treated Oyaide F1 IEC Plug 
- Ultra Heavy Duty Chassis with Dual Stage Passive Filtering
- Cast Silver Duelund Capacitor

Astonishing clarity - a recording engineer's dream. It is impossible to know the extent to which signal is masked by power line noise until it is utterly obliterated. The Linebacker XE allows the listener to hear more clearly than ever before possible not only the attack, sustain, decay and full timbral expression of each individual instrument, but the entire space that each instrument occupies, even in very dense recordings.

The Linebacker In-Line Power Filter offers unprecedented reduction of noise. It is utterly transformative. The Linebacker is a completely passive in-line power filter that works on several major fronts:

It effectively absorbs massive amounts of parasitic and self-generated noise on power cable lines and prevents it from entering into the component it is plugged into. It prevents environmental noise from entering the system through the mains. It's maximally damped structure and cable quell cable, connector and airborne resonances before they enter the system.