Vertere Acoustics Pulse Cable Perfection

London Vertere Acoustics, leaders in their field in Pulse Cable Perfection and Hi Fi Audio Technology realise acoustic solutions that enhance a Hi-Fi system across all of its key performance areas.

Here at Vertere Acoustics London we believe that identifying the critical components of a Hi-Fi Audio Technology system and improving them across their key performance areas will allow the music to flow naturally, communicate and have an emotive presence."

Vertere Acoustics London started designing audio products because we found a key component in Hi Fi Audio Technology systems was missing, in the last five years we came across a very important weak link in the interconnecting cables in the speaker cables dramatically compromising the performance of audio systems some of which cost a million dollars. Products that we produce at Vertere Acoustics, in terms of performance they out perform anything out there on the market today, thats precisely the reason behind the design and production of our Pulse Audio Cables, and our Hi Fi Audio Technology. 

Come visit us at Vertere Acoustics in London if you want enhanced sound and a better performing Hi Fi Audio Technology system, we can assure you our Pulse Audio Cables are the best on the market. 

Or contact us to come have a look at your Hi Fi Audio Technology System to see if we can help you enhance your music quality, to new levels which is emotive to the ear.