Viero Cables EQUILIBRIO Line NEW

"The EQUILIBRIO Line has been created with the intention of being the ultimate expression of sound. The cable uses a proprietary geometry that sees a very special circuitry. The audition for the EQUILIBRIO line is very easy,  Just listen ! It's not about the measurements or the electrical parameter, but the cable structure, the manufacturing process and the use of precious materials!"

When you listen to these cables you will hear incredible depth, control, naturalness, presence, detail and low noise never before heard.

You will also appreciate there is an excellent tonal balance where mothing is put in second order or indeed highlighted.

Nothing is left behind and nothing is brought to the fore, and it is from here the name EQUILIBRIO is derived.

Equilibrio Level 3
Is the cable for perfectionists, with Top reference audio systems.

Supremely transparent, maximum control of all frequencies, incredible background silence and holographic imaging.

Equilibrio Level 3 provides the closest sound for the perfect reproduction.