Black Pearls Aquarius Audio Phono Stage arrived

Black Pearls Aquarius Audio Phono Stage just arrived for the review. Konstantinos already proven his intuition and skills with Birth 100 integrated amplifier, so this will be interesting. Stay tuned for more soon...

Adjustable model features
  • MC and MM cartridges supported
  • 60dB, 63dB and 66dB gain for MC (adjustable)
  • 40 dB gain for MM
  • 54 Ohm-102 Ohm-200 Ohm-440 Ohm-660 Ohm
  • 1.02 KOhm-48 KOhm-102 KOhm input impedance (adjustable)
  • 94pF-200pF-300pF-540pF-940pF input capacitance (adjustable)
  • Custom values for gain, input impedance and input capacitance available on request