CARE ORCHESTRA NEW speaker products

CARE ORCHESTRA SRL, the Italian High-end audio brand, launches the second of three products presented in preview at Monaco High End 2014 Show. 

The Minor “Duetto Edition” extends the Divina Line, with a new product that encloses in 4 liters all the technology and all the details of design and finishing that distinguish the Care Orchestra products. 

One product with all in as standard: 

 Lacquering: Opaque, High Glossy, Metallic as standard; 
 Finishing: Cuoietto, Leather & Leather Superior as standard; 
 Leather Magnetic Covers as standard; 
 Golden Tips and Tailstocks as standard; 
 Bi-Wiring Technology with silver components as standard. 
No compromise on finishes and no compromise on the components used: 

 Tweeter: Scan-Speak Illuminator – Soft-dome, Ring Neodymium Magnets 
 Woofer: Seas Excel – Paper Cone with nextel covering, diameter 120mm 
 Internal cables: Van Den Hul SCS12 - High purity dense Silver coated high purity 
Matched Crystal OFC 20°C /68°F, 0.44 Ohm / 100 m 
 Crossover: Jantzen Silver components - electrical, 2nd order - Cut frequency: 2100 Hz  

Silver Capacitors audiophile ultra speedVolts: 
800 V / 1200 V Capacitors Tollerance: ± 2 % 
Volts: 630 V / 400 V Tollerance: ± 5 % 
Tollerance: +/-2% 1000V 


Air Core Coils very pure, no distorsions 
Conductor OFC 99.99% 
Ferrite Core Coils high quality 
Conductor OFC 99.99%  

As always, a product all Handmade in Italy, with precise, functional and very stylish assembly, as well as an extraordinary solidity due to a fully one piece body, so as for each Care Orchestra, the technique is integrated with the elegance and style "Made in Italy" to create products that combine maximum performance of sound reproduction with a taste for luxury and the interior design. 

The elegant Packaging in wood, aluminum and high quality acoustic polyurethane guarantees, as well as easy handling, a complete protection from bumps and vibrations. 

The "Sartoria Acustica Italiana" offers even in this case the absolute personalization of finishes for every buyer with laquering and skins of all kinds: each product is completely configured by whom orders it, heard, and packaged as a tailored suit, starting from an established and strong project of superb acoustic results. 

Even for this product, as with all Care Orchestra bookshelf or stand speakers, it is available an elegant stand that perfectly integrates with the loudspeaker, ensuring the correct vertical positioning, stability and elegance for even the most demanding customers. 

Divina Minor "Duetto Edition" : the synthesis of precise craftsmanship with amazing characteristics of finishing and performance 

The website ( and Facebook page ( will show you more details of this new product CARE ORCHESTRA.