Genesis 1 upgrade

Not only is a Genesis 1 a huge system, even the upgrade of a Genesis 1 is a huge undertaking. Here, I Gary supervising the upgrade of a 20-year old pair of G-I that became a almost G1.1 about 8 years ago, and now up to almost the G1.2 level.

For most owners of the large Genesis loudspeakers, it is the last pair of loudspeakers they will ever own. However, after 20 years, some of them do hanker for an upgrade - but what would be better than a Genesis? A newer generation Genesis!

This owner of an original Genesis I from 1995 upgraded the midrange/tweeter panels to a Genesis 1.1 about 8 years ago. This year, he upgraded to (almost) a Genesis 1.2 (sans twelve additional 12-inch woofers). Almost every significant part except for the midrange ribbon and the cabinet was changed. It took two audio technicians, a woodworker, plus supervision from Genesis designer Gary Koh, and the customer himself making useful suggestions to do a perfect job.