Mellow Motif's Sabuy Dee vinyl

Mellow Motif's Sabuy Dee vinyl album from Thailand. I do not follow the jazz scene over there and that I am not familiar with this group or the lead vocalist, Natasha Patamapongs. But, I will always welcome any good music that comes my way. Joe Poster Saksiri Pasothakang, being a generous individual, sent me this vinyl album (and 2 other albums) for a spin in my system. 

My initial impression is how sensual the lead vocalist was recorded here. Her expression and emotion in each tracks are so vividly recorded. 

The accompanying musicians should be pleased with the result as I can hear them so palpably real and tuneful, with the right weight and balance. Everything is so artfully balance here.
The selection of songs in this album is masterfully selected, in my opinion. They set a tuneful mood that cheer and entertain the audience.

A "Must Have" vinyl album in my book. Many thanks to Joe Poster for the effort to introduce to us all the fine music from our neighboring country, Thailand.

Dato' Danon Han