Simon Mears Audio speakers

Hand-crafted loudspeakers for the true connoisseur...

I have been building horn-loaded loudspeakers for ten years now, encouraged and assisted by valve and horn enthusiasts far and wide.

A friend, an oil painter, on visiting remarked on being surrounded by at least ten pairs of speakers, from Western Electric horns to big Tannoy cabinets, “when do you stop, or rather why stop at all”? This is one of two reasons why you are reading this, when something is finished it is a compromise, but the conditions under which this compromise is met are what matters. One must stop or at least pause when advised to.

Around the same time I asked another friend, a well respected figure in the valve amplifier industry, ”what are the best loudspeakers you have ever heard”? He replied, ”the best… in a Regency flat in Brighton”.

These conditions were as good as any to me. You can, of course, never have enough reasons, but these are of a more personal nature. No one cares as much as yourself, is one thing I find myself saying a lot these days and this sentiment is, without compromise, extended to my customers. There are only the highest possible components here, from veneer to capacitors to wiring, they are built as furniture, by hand, and will last a lifetime, rewarding you with the very best music reproduction possible.

There is much to read on the benefits and history of horn loaded speakers, but they really need to be heard for a good understanding of why they are so unique in their ability to reproduce sound, so please feel free to contact me and arrange a visit. I have worked closely with Albert Klappenberger and Dave Harris on the design of these speakers and wish to thank them for their assistance and continued support, together with David Wright for all his enthusiasm and attention to detail.