Soundsmith announced Five New Phono Cartridges

Soundsmith Corporation is pleased to announce five new cartridge models that are designed to fill the need for audiophiles that have moderate gain preamplifiers from such esteemed manufacturers as Conrad-Johnson and Audio Research among many others.

Peter Ledermann designed these cartridges to perform flawlessly in preamps that utilize a 48dB-54dB gain structure. No longer is there any fear of overloading with a high output MM cartridge or having to ramp up the volume with a low output MC type.

Based on Peter’s now classic Moving Iron designs – HYPERION, SUSSURRO, PAUA, THE VOICE & AIDA – these moderate output cartridges give the same level of performance as their high and low output siblings. Without any tradeoffs, these new medium output cartridges will breathe new life and alter expectations from audio system front-ends with moderate gain.

• HELIOS – The Sun-Goddess daughter of HYPERION featuring the unique “cactus spine” cantilever and OC-CL stylus $7,500.00
• MEZZO – Italian for middle or medium (output not performance that is). Based on the SUSSURRO – $4,800.00
• NAUTILUS – This is a moderate output version of the very popular PAUA with natural seashell detail – $3,800.00
• SOTTO VOCE – Literally “soft voice”. Based on the now legendary THE VOICE – $2,800.00
• NORMA – The sister cartridge to the AIDA featuring the same sweet midrange – $1,800.00