Viva Audio visit day one

After two connected flights I've reach my destination in Latvia. It was great to finally meet Sergey and Amedeo as well as rest of the Viva Audio team at their Audio Bottega office, that's holds two demo/listening rooms with Credenza and Master Horn speakers system. 

I've exchanged few letters in my corespondency with Sergey, but when we started our discussion about high end audio both Sergey and Amedeo impressed me highly with their affection to music and eagerness for perfection in the reproduction of it.

For the first day we decided to listen to Credenza speakers driven by two Viva Audio Aurora monoblocks. It was a fully fledged Viva Audio system with their newly indtroduced CD player connected to Linea preamplifier. 

Sound experiance? Potent, musical and involving.  To sum it up in on sentence; my kind of sound!

It was a great, long day. Yet very satisfying one. Seeing Sergey and Amedeo passion for music and experiencing the Viva Audio musical impact via Credenza fulfilled me with positive energy. When music system is set right and with the right components, there should be a lasting resonating impression. Something we carry home after visiting the real live musical event.  And Credenza speakers connected to full Viva audio chain brought that with great pace. 

We concluded the day with visiting the old part of Riga and discussing music and high end audio topics. 

Next up. The flagship Viva Audio Master Horn system. I'm enliven and excited :)!