Wiss Audio Space Decoder BT receiver review

We came a long way with digital audio. As far as other segments of high-end audio might stagnate the digital reproduction went the sky high in past decade. Industry moved from rebook CD medium to grand production of vast DAC's (digital to analog converters). DAC's were once integral part of the CD players and computers, but find their way into the stand alone boxes of various sizes and prices. 

With the advancement of technology an interesting standard protocol find its way from mobile phone industry. Bluetooth! 

If you remember.  Once all the communication between outboard devices and computers were done via the classical cables. Be it mobile phones, keyboards, mouses etc. we connect all our gadgets in hardware physical way.  After long era of cable transmission protocol, infrared technology for wireless transferring of the data was introduced. 

Fast forwarding into the 90's new wireless technology standard came abroad. Taking the name of medieval King of Denmark Harald Bluetooth, this new technology brought wide implementation into all the spheres of connectivity. Bluetooth was introduced as mobile phones way to communicate with wireless headsets talk transfer. Consequently this helped with evoking the phenomena of bluetooth audio streaming across many devices. 

At the beginning Bluetooth was closely connected to streaming of the music from mobile phones to small external boomboxes, but not long after that audio industry realised it wide potential and started to reveal more lifestyle audio products with this option onboard. From budget devices things got more complex and led to the introduction of higher quality high performance devices. This new products transcoded the incoming bluetooth signal into the digital audio signal leading to the birth of audio Bluetooth receivers. 


What a name to start with :). Wiss Audio Space Decoder is a bluetooth receiver with SPDIF digital audio signal output. This means, that any incoming audio signal from either, computer, iphone, iPad or any bluetooth capable streaming device will be transferred to digital coax output, that can be further connected to the DAC of choice. In this way one can expect the best outcome, that depends on the quality of the DAC and not bluetooth device itself. I've tried quite few components with on board digital converter, yet their signal quality was always of medicore quality and lacking of any real connection to the music. It was about the time, that this was properly addressed with the clear goal of quality audio signal and not a Jack of all trades pursuits wanting do do too much. 

Wiss Audio team seams to got it right and created a product, that deals with Bluetooth in the right way. There is always a full benefit in focusing on one thing and with such determination the quality is being assured more easily. 


Steaming audio came far. First models heading quite some time back in the past were useable only for the basic audio streaming to low cost devices. As said above, they were usually offered direct RCA outputs, that didn't really impressed in any way with the sound outcome. Even mobile phones offered better sound. 

Wiss Audio Space Decoder takes in more refined way. They wanted to bring Bluetooth audio into the 21st century with the recognisable improvement of sound quality and they succeeded. When matted with Daniel Hertz Master I've managed to created a musical potent experience, that offered an impressive connection to the music. Streaming via my Mac Book Air, this was a no brainer to use and integrate. All one needs to do is to pair Space Decoder on the first randevĂș, then turn Bluetooh on, select the Wiss Audio in sound settings and make it active in Bluetooth drop down menu as a chosen device.  

Browsing through my favourite music it was a breeze to use. I've enjoyed the hands on approach and simplicity. Music became the most important part of experience and this is what technology advancement should bring us. 


I've had zero problem with connection for and practically no dropouts in streaming while being in logical distance. Logically if one move too far awash from Bluetooth streamer the signal will start dropping out. It was performing well within the normal sized listening room. Further on SPDIF locked without a problem each time Space Decoder was being connected to the DAC. 


Wiss Audio Space Decoder takes bluetooth audio to the new level. It distinct itself from the entry level hifi and brings a positive impact. Space Designer was easy to use and in absence of problems. 

Wiss Audio Space Decoder is a great sign of what Bluetooth audio can offer and a great messenger of  digital audio future. 

Text/photos: Matej Isak

  • Slim aluminum chassis
  • Compatible to all bluetooth enabled audio device like smartphones, tablets, PC/Mac
  • Strong reception with its antenna up to 30 feet
  • Easy pairing
  • Digital output to your Hi Fi component for high quality audio
  • Powered by 5V mini USB port