Natural Sound at Poland high-end audio show

Poland High-End audio show is almost here and this private invitation from Natural Sound just came in. I'll be reporting live from the show and this even with special exclusive Mono & Stereo interviews with Mr. Huber and both Iami gentlemen. This will be special:

We are honored to invite you to a private listening sessions of FM-Acoustics (Switzerland) and Audio Tekne (Japan) systems.

Mr. Manuel Huber from FM Acoustics and Mr. Kiyoaky Imai with his son Hironobu Imai from Audio Tekne will be present at the event.

The session will take place in Bristol Hotel suite 203 and 205 on the 9th of November 2014 at 10:00 AM. We would be delighted to have you with us on this very special occasion.

Accompanying equipment:

FM acoustics

XSII B Inspiration loudspeakers system 711 MKII power amplifier
268C preamplifier
223 phono preamplifier

Audio Tekne

TM-9801 power amplifier 
TFA-8695 preamp 
TEA-8695 phono preamp 
dc10audio loudspeakers