Sunday Disc - Occident - Orient vinyl

Sunday Disc - Occident - Orient on Berliner Meister Schallplatten Direct-to-Disc BMS 1203V (2012)

Got this D-to-D vinyl record from my pal Michael Vrzal, who stopped at my place to say hello on his way back home to Berlin. A nice, nice disc, with the superb clarinet of Kinan Azmeh and music which blends - you'd bet it? - Eastern and Western music in the noble path and heritage of East meets West of Sir Yehudi Munhuin, back in the Seventies.

The recording, recorded on February 12, 2012 in Berlin is a live direct to disc recording, where the tonmeister used Sennheiser's MHK 20, 30 and 50 mikes... the sound of these mikes is - as also the best old BIS recordings proved several times - lively, natural and smooth... comparing a Neumann's to an MC cartridge, these mikes are like a good MM cartridge...

Msic flows easily to the ear... second track on side 1 - i.e. "November 22" is a nice, nice piece of music, dynamics are top notch and worth the disc.

A limited edition disc, my copy is # 28, is showing one more time the merits of BMS' vintage Telefunken and Neumann's mixer, mike preamps and lathing machines.

Pressing is made by Pallas...

Enjoyed it a lot.

Thanking Michael and his wife for visiting... and for the gift.

Stefano Bertoncello