The first Greek Headphone fest EXCLUSIVE report

Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis just send in exclusive report at Mono & Stereo from first Greek Headphone fest. The first Greek Headphone fest went way better than expected with more than 500 visitors hitting the Athens Divani Caravel Hotel. Here is selection of 65 high-res pics and some further insights. 

Some of the Fest's most interesting pieces of gear were the world first for Quad's headphone amp+dac, the new Grace 920 Dac/headamp, the all new Blue MoFi self powered headphones, the DSD capable Sony MDR1A headphones (yes, incorporated DSD dac and amplifier inside the headphones), the Benchmark HGC 2, the amazing AKG k812, the ultra high end Viva Egoista headphone amplifier with matching Numerico DAC/CD player, the cost no object Final Audio Piano Forte X gold in ear monitors, the new Shure 4 armatures SE846 IEMs, new Norma DAC/Headphone amp/pre amp, new Lab12 HPA headphone amplifier and Kingsound's top of the line tube energized KS H03/ M20 electrostatic system.

Besides listening to this amazing selection of headphones, amplifiers, DACs and streamers visitors had the chance to test their own cans and music with some of the best equipment in the market and draw their own conclusions on what is currently possible in portable audio. Many prizes were sorted in the end of the show with lucky winners bringing back home headphones from Sony, AKG, DeGauss Labs, Pro-Ject and more.

After this amazing success, the organizers of this event are already discussing the 2015 edition!

Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis