Tron Atlantic power amplifier NEW

This amplifier has already exceeded my original expectations in trying to produce an amplifier of exceptional quality but at a much more affordable price compared to Tron's other high end models. The Atlantic is also one of the smallest 300B amps ever made with a footprint of 40cm x 25cm. However it might be small in size but this amplifier delivers big on sound and big on value for money.

Power is between 9-10watts across the audio spectrum (20-20kHz) and with a usable bandwidth up to to 95kHz (-3dB).

The chassis is made from CNC machined Aircraft grade alloy, designed so that no nuts, bolts or fasteners show. It is fitted with two unique DC filament supplies for heating the 300B output valves.
The Atlantic is an extremely low noise design so perfect for any high efficiency loudspeaker including horns. It also has the beautiful sounding D3a valve used in the driver stage and the complete amplifier is all designed, manufactured and assembled in England.

Here is the specification:
  • 9 watts per channel with 4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs.
  • C-Core output transformers. 
  • C-Core chokes.
  • D3a driver stage.
  • Electro Harmonics 300Bs.
  • Teflon valve/tube bases.
  • CMC input RCA connections.
  • Very short signal path.
  • Valve rectified power supply.
  • Audio grade parts selected for outstanding sound. 
The Atlantic is available in Silver & Black (as shown), Gold & Black and Gold & Red.

Available voltage versions for 100v, 117v, 220v, 230v, and 240v mains.

Price £6750. This includes a special flight case to ship to anywhere in the world.

The Atlantic can be available at "Reference" specification to further improve the musical performance. The Reference spec includes the following:
WBT Next-Gen speaker terminals
Special OFC wire for both the input and output connections.

Price £7250. This includes a special flight case to ship to anywhere in the world.

Further information and photos can be found on the Tron website. Alternatively you can contact Tron by email or by phone on +44 1895 833099