Vertere Reference Tonearm

Vertere Reference Tonearm is probably the Best tonearm to grace my system. I like what i hear so much that I bought it without much consideration. Its definitely not the price, US$35,000-00 (or discount) that induced me for that quick decision. The answer is the sound. This is the tonearm that bring me closer to what I felt from reel to reel. 

I used the word "felt" instead of heard. My reason being that this tonearm with my four years old ZYX Omega Gold cartridge is able to emit a certain strong presence to the images in the soundscape. The vocal, instrument and even the air surrounding each entity have a certain weight thus really strengthened the palpability to a whole new unheard level. If anyone has this budget (or not) should listen to this, just for the experience what is possible out there...enjoy

Dato' Danon Han