Abbssolute Intuition by Etheraudio

Looking for the best sounding audio system as a result we've created!? "Abbssolute Intuition by Etheraudio" - The Biggest Single Ended Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier with GM100 - The biggest Russian Vacuum Tube for Audio Ever Made. Total dimensions of the 2 monoblocks: Width 850mm x Depth 680mm x Height 1372mm. Total weight of the amplifier: 386 kilograms. Power Output: 30 Watts per channel at 4 Ohm, valid at 220 Volt +⁄-10%. Single GM100 valve in pure Class A is used as a power stage for each channel.

The cathode of the GM100 tubes is made of extremely pure tungsten. The 2 pieces of GM100, used in the amplifier, are carefully selected from around 100 tubes. The Russian GM100 is the biggest in the world vacuum tube ever made for audio!

In the totally handcrafted amplifier are used minimal amount of magnetic susceptible materials.

Preferred are wood and glass. The fully non-resonant wooden chassis is handcrafted according to the Music Friendly concept.