AntiCable 5.2 Premium Analog Interconnects NEW

AntiCable Audio Company Incorporated, US manufacturer of high performance audio accessories, used the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest as their opportunity to show audiophiles their new, top tier interconnection cables. Level 5.2 PURE Reference Analog RCA Interconnects promise better sounding music by pairing the world’s best performing RCA connectors, sourced from KLE Innovations, with the finest sounding wire customers have ever heard. These world class cables are offered factory direct and represent an exceptional value when compared to their rivals.

The Level 5.2 interconnect brings AntiCable’s proven ACElectrum™ signal wire, made from a proprietary silver and gold alloy, to discerning audio enthusiasts. Adding a small amount of gold to the mix subjectively eliminates the sonic signature of 100% silver, which tends to sound “hard” or “forward” at high frequencies, while retaining the excellent sonic resolving properties that silver has to offer.

The new 5.2 cables improve upon AntiCable’s existing Reference Level 3.2 and 4.2 interconnects with even better RCA plugs. Australia’s Keith Louis Eichmann of KLE Innovations has recently bested himself with the release of his Harmony series of RCA connectors. AntiCable’s Level 5.2 ICs incorporates KLE’s recently available and best sounding Pure® Harmony RCAs in their new design. AntiCable was so impressed with the sonic improvement of the Pure Harmony plugs, they worked with KLE to help make the Level 5.2 PURE Reference Analog RCA Interconnects possible.

The Level 5.2 PURE Reference Analog RCA Interconnects are available at $310 for a 1m pair, $285 for a 0.75m pair, and $260 for a 0.5m pair. Other lengths are available at $50 per pair for each additional 0.5m increase in length. AntiCable Audio Company is so confident in these new interconnects that they have declared them as the world’s new value interconnect to beat. In stock now at the company’s on–line store, the product includes a no–risk, 30 day guarantee. Visit for more information on all of AntiCable Audio’s products.