AUDIO VACCINE Music Serum Plug-in Speaker & Amp Bullets review

AUDIO VACCINE contacted me for the review of their Music Serum and AUDIO VACCINE Lenco “The Legend” turntable. This is the first preview version of Music Serum Bullets review. Complete Music Serums and Lenco “The Legend” reviews are coming up in due time. AUDIO VACCINE seems to take things with slow pace, dedication and a lot of efforts. It shows, how there’s no hurry in making of their products and that attracted in my confirmation for the reviews. That and my corespondency with AUDIO VACCINE’s Igor Maček. In quite few of emails and calls being exchanged I could enthusiastically conclude about similar appreciation about the music and its reproduction.


Latest AUDIO VACCINE music serum Plug-in Speaker and Amplifier Bullets are passive devices coming as jointed efforts of Igor Maček and Igor Vučkič. They were design with the clear goal of brining the better performance to the high-end audio system. This devices seems to operate on many levels. As addition to the amplifiers or speakers they deal with the cleaning up the signal flow and adding the enhancements to the sound. As both devices are of passive nature there is no danger with their insertion and their implementation is as simple as it gets. They are either plugged into the speakers or amplifier speaker terminals/binding posts and they’re ready to go. 

In the present times, when we can finally experiment with the mixture of high-quality materials in more elaborated and affordable way AUDIO VACCINE exploits this advantage with the mixture of spruce, eastern black walnut and golden wires in the combination with other premium materials. The wooden parts are created from on piece of the wood and there is no artificial lacquering. They use only the natural oil covering in keeping the materials as close as possible to their natural propensities.   

AMPLIFIER SERUM and LOUDSPEAKERS SERUM look similar from outside. They only differ with the internal structure. As with the traditional RCA connectors or speakers plugs, both Music Serums are labeled with the + and - sign for the intended connecting placing. Integration is seamless and hands on.  

As far as I can understand from the enclosed material and my interaction with Mr. Maček Music Serums are designed tp act as passive filters. AUDIO VACCINE clear goal was to ensure enhancement to the existing performance of any given system. 


Let us look into the AUDIO VACCINE custom hybrid technology official description:

“Music Serum implements different metals and dedicated selection of custom wires. For the accurate combining of all metals we have developed a manual »knitting machine for metals«, which is designed to hybridly combine all metals with accuracy beyond millimetres. The central part, functioning as a sound cleaner, is made of composite materials of accurately defined dimensions in the interior. All procedures are finished with crimping, without any soldering. All interior isolations are made of teflon! Decorative wooden ends are handmade of ten-year-old dried walnut wood.”


As there is no complex dealings with both Music Serum installations I’ve quickly give them an initial listening run. To my surprise both of the Musical Serums’s instantly brought the difference in sound. And thanks God for better! 

Intriguingly the shift in performance was evident already at the first few notes strikes. The transparency gain was not something I would call small. It was more of a dynamic boost impact. 

With the LOUDSPEAKERS SERUM the initial sound improvement came as better lucid presentation. Additionally they evoked three dimensionality, that closely relates to the best attributes of analog medium. Something, that is usually connected to the high-performance well set and balanced vinyl setup was evidently happening here in surprising way.  

For the time I could spend listening with the AMPLIFIER SERUM inserted into the amplifiers the difference was most avid in the terms of global spatial presentation and the focusing of the lower register notes being played. Here the Jaco Pastorius  Portrait of Tracy bass became even more lyrical and presentable with more dynamic impact. Not small change by any means.

In the matter of transparency and spatial resolution Music Serum extend the performance in interesting way. The intimate world of Nancy Brick debut album on vinyl resolved with even more inner emotional insight to their stand out record. The sense of the positive melachony of this duo expanded even more in brining what is seemed to be an endless universe of emotional voyage. Presented via enriched structural anchor points of delays, decays, micro reverberations and echoes Music Serums brought the  add on extension of life like dynamic impact. 


We’re certainly in abundance of high-end audio accessories on the market. Some of them comes with the questionable workings, materials and pricing. AUDIO VACCINE Music Serums brings something fresh and innovative to the world of endless add ons. And for a positive change, the advancements can be instantly recognised.  

This was a glance into the AUDIO VACCINE Music Serum Plug-in Speaker & Amp Bullets and I’m glad in agreeing for a test and review. Stay tuned for the complete review in due time.

Matej Isak