Ultimate Audio Extreme system experience

A closer and detail look into the two extreme high-end audio systems presented in Portugal high-end audio show by Ultimate Audio. 


Speakers Marten Coltrane Supreme II
Monoblocs VTL Siegfried II
Preamp VTL TL 7.5 MK III
DAC CH Precision C1 with power Supply X1
Media Player Aurender W20
Turntable Rui Borges Turntables Ultimo Mk2 with Kuzma 4 point Tonearm and Cartridge Ikeda Kai
Phono VTL TP 6.5
Cables Mamba Audio
Power Conditioner Mamba Audio RAT TRAP
Tripoint Troy Signature

VTL electronics and Marten Coltrane Supreme II speakers with associated components embarked for the system, that brought so to called classical ultimate reference performance. This refined system approach resonated with the holistic and harmonious purity, that resolved in the best attributes of the live music. With highest demanding of the classical music reproduction, tone, timbre and colour never stood out before dynamics. It was a harmonious, continuing projection of musical as whole.  

The best attributes related to this this stand out extreme performance were closely connected to the live experience of the orchestral music. This is never easy to recreate. In its full impact this system demonstrated the flow of the energy, that the joint nature of all members or orchestra creates and radiate with a certain wholeness and harmonious impact. With real orchestral music sound travels more in the terms of giant unison bubble. Its never an alienated sum of sole sounds. Marten and VTL embraced the life like reproduction in a impressive way. 

One word, that describes the the real impact of unity and effortlessness connected to the live orchestral music is drama. This can be either recreated on the ultimate high performance system or not. We’re not talking about sole energy forceful attacks of dynamic bursts as is to often related and promoted in so called high-end system. Its a matter of controlled, yet effortless transmigration of musical energy. In the perfectly aligned combination of components the illusion becomes much more closer to reality and in this way VTL/Marten system embarked one into the music journey of tremendous power and attitude. When talking about the highest reference performance dedicated system energy transfer and the interaction between the listener and the audio system is of a different kind. On emotional affected level. It must be. Otherwise, there is no sense of ultimateness. with nothing or little to hold. Music must be projected back to the listener in a dramatic, emotional and connecting way. 

It is never an easy task to combine a harmonious audio system, that strive for perfection. And still at the level of ultimate reproduction we’re dealing with so many unknowns to be resolved and tuned into the palpable working system. 

It was intriguing how Marten managed to project the sound coherently no matter where the position of the listener was. This is a rare ability for any speaker regardless of price. 

This system approach showed the profound vision of the people at Ultimate Audio. Designated high-end audio can be mere sum of extremely priced components or on the other hand the translucent window into the endless, magical world of music. When the direction of combining the “right” system parts morph into the tuned musical system the result evoke something uniquely special. The real connection to the music on the level where emotions can truly travel towards the listener happens. As such, this Ultimate Audio system managed to set the reference level in a grand way and far beyond of what many strive to achieve. 


Speakers: Estelon Extreme
Monoblocs: Trinity
Preamp: Trinity
Dac: Trinity
Media Player: Trinity PC&Drive
Phono: Trinity
Turntable: TW Black Raven with Kuzma 4point tonearm and Miyajima Madake cartridge
Cables: Gobel Lacorde Statement
Power Conditioner: Gigawatt Pc4 EVO
Tripoint Troy signature
Rack Symposium ISIS

The second Ultimate Audio system took the upper echelon listening to the level unheard by most. It was a shocker. With the impact of the purity, the level of details being present in this system was something needed to be experienced for truly to appreciate. In the times where we’re finally pushing the technology to the extreme it is about time to bring some of that 21st century high-tech into the high-end audio industry. 

In seeking for the ultimate truth, the wide-band resolution is needed in assuring the level of information, that can in fullest scope recreate the complexity of musical events. Even on the scale of single instrument the reproduction is far more complicated then people usually imagine. Complexity of reconstructing the smallest nuances, reverberations, delays is profound task. 

This system took the ultimate contemporary approach in bringing the sonic experience, that is was literary out worldly. With the level of details, presence and dynamics the recreation of the music events became a palpable high-resolution scale of the event. With complexity of information being presented in right way the musical illusion becomes of potent and lucid nature. This system shook the epicentre of what one expects even on such a grand scale. 

People complaining about the absence of Ferrari like performance and style in high-end audio can finally have their mouth shout. This system managed to bring the connection to the music, that other fails to do so in both high performance and high-style. If and when the informational energy is translated in the coherent way the world of decays, delays, reverberation, micro vibrations, timbre etc. can finally join into something special and evoking. Using the analogy. This is something that in high-tech digital photography of late can bring. The vividness and sharpness or reality. With the almost sci-fi far fetched Trinity impressive amplifiers where Dietmar brought distortion down to 0.0001% at full load such and exploration of purses could become  a reality. Of course in combination with Estelon Extreme unique approach in design:

“The most noticeable change in Exteme’s design is that it’s built of two modules. The upper module allows the speaker to be adjustable by user for optimizing the sound in regard of audience’s position and room specifics. It also isolates the high, medium and mid-bass drivers from the vibration that the lower positioned bass drivers provide.

Through the positioning of the bass drivers in lower module and the design of the cabinet, Extreme delivers a complete acoustic sphere by not breaking the sonic geometry. As a result the listener is presented with the quality of the bass that is unheard of.”

The experience with this system translates to a driving experience of an ultimate driving machines. With these unique cars you can get in touch with the road in a special way, that no other autos can offer. You can feel the road below you in a controlling and most enjoyable way. Such performance in the overall conclusion brings out another uppercut echelon car analogy. “Some people talk about such a profound ride, other actually enjoy the real drive.”

Estelon/Trinity Audio system offered a grand look into the future of ultra high-end audio, that is actually happening at present. The speed and purity of this presentation pushed the bar so much further and high, that will be extremely hard to follow by others. 


So how to see both of the systems in a context of reproduction of music? As with all things in life its a matter of the personal taste and demands. In the ultra and ultimate high-end audio upper echelon systems we are dealing with the extreme  refined illusions of reproduced musical event. There are little cut backs and both systems showed the remarkable results with from different perspectives.

While Marten and VTL seems to be taken the hearth of the classical music with the grandest pace of vibrancy, the Estelon / Trinity traveled the contemporary pace and showed the intricate ability of resolution and transparency combined. 

Both ultimate takes stayed focused on the musical paths, but with the different set of esoteric high-end audio arsenal.

Listening to the both of the systems was remarkable experience with a lasting, resonating imprint. A true step beyond typical high-end into realms of ultimate audio reproduction.