Ultimate Audio Ultra High-end set up at Portugal Audioshow 2014

Ultimate Audio Ultra High-end set up 2 at the AudioShow Lisboa 2014. Enjoy the 25+ picture set of out of this spectacular system with some of the most exotics high-end audio gear connected. Stay tuned for more in depth report coming up soon. 

  • Speakers: Estelon Extreme
  • Monoblocs: Trinity
  • Preamp: Trinity
  • Dac: Trinity
  • Media Player: Trinity PC&Drive
  • Phono: Trinity
  • Turntable: TW Black Raven with Kuzma 4point tonearm and Miyajima Madake cartridge
  • Cables: Gobel Lacorde Statement
  • Power Conditioner: Gigawatt Pc4 EVO
  • Tripoint Troy signature
  • Rack Symposium ISIS