Visit to Colibri Labs

Yesterday I had a pleasure to visit Siniša Kraljić small artisanal boutique company Colibri Labs based in Kastav-Croatia. Opatija and surroundings is a very special place with rich historical background, that attracts many recognised persons from all over the world. 

Siniša is very intriguing person with more then twenty years of experience in healing with Traditional Chinese Medicine Shiatsu and other alternative approaches. Now he’s brining his holistic understanding and unique expertise into the creation of small numbered speaker and cable products.

It was impressing to see how much dedication, love, passion and time Siniša invested into his products. The use of materials, complex hand assembly procedure and testing methods are mind boggling. This was something I haven’t seen so far and certainly something I didn’t expect. Siniša takes the long and pain staking process of testing all of his cables with the mixture of different materials and with the complexity of assembly, that bewildered me. He is far out person in the best meaning of the word. Energetic, vibrant and eclectic man with a unique given talent, that I’ll write about more in future. Let me put it in this way. His venture radiate with the real esoteric high-end audio vibe. 

Along his successful career of being Croatian most recognised and leading practicer he’s alway been an avid music lover and audiophile. As such, he exchanged numerous components over the years and at one point started to experiment with speaker design and audio cables. The results he achieved ignited the passion and idea, that led to creation of his first projects. 

As with limited time he could spend in healing Siniša is now brining the limited hand-made speakers and cables.

During the most of the Saturday we listened to complete system consisting the Accuphase CD 510, Nelson Pass X 1 preamplifier, Nelson Pass 250.5 power amplifier and his two speakers models: “Colibri labs Elektrum two way(20 l box) and prototype of all new Mystico three way model. Everything was connected with Colibri labs Guru Extreme cables. Both of his speakers design went through a lot of designing phases and prototypes. I’ve seen some of past prototypes and materials of choice. Let me tell you. This guy is not taking the corners. Neither with funds, time and materials. 

What I’ve experienced yesterday was something special and of special vibrancy. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect upon the invitation, but to my surprise the experience was as far out impressive as Siniša Kraljić himself. Siniša managed to step into the realms where Kondo San set the path few decades ago. He’s unique perspective and insight into the combining materials represent not only something fresh, but blend positively esoteric approach down to the actual products. 

Everything still resonate with me today and its hard to forget an impact of yesterday listening. An extreme sound an music experience.  

Stay tuned for more soon.