Getting out alive and happy with music listening

Yesterday it was my day off and celebration of getting one year younger ;). It was a great day and enriched with live performance of Uroš Perić and his band. He is great musician, pianist, writer, vocalist in and Ray Charles interpret. The way this guy is wearing the "black boots roots" is far out. His energetic and with performance light up my inner r&b soft spots. You cannot simulate the blues and Uroš radiates with passionate aura and his veins are circulating in high-speed with the pure DNA of jazz, blues, dixieland, gospel, country and bebop. This brought him across the ocean to the roots of these genres and on the stage of legendary Montreux. 

Georgia, I can't stop loving you, Hit the road Jack etc. brought out last inch of Uroš energy even if the temperatures were not even close to what i would call decent :).

It was so great to get the taste of that kind of energy in person. Something, that luckily again started to come into my life circles. It was a great reminder of how music should sound. 

The affect lingered all through the night in my mind. If high-end audio system cannot bring the emotions and ignite the inner power with an interactive energy, then its not even remotely close in calling any audio system a high-end. When affected with music we're moved by the pure energy transfer and affected by the story being told and presented. In absence of such connection there is no real value. 

In last few years if not decade many people start talking in the language of technical norms and details. As written few times before its about time to start separating the components and systems, that convey the music and those who project the other side of musical playback. Details, fireworks and other attributes of musical dissections are not the things I would like to associate with the real musical reproduction. They can be a matter of taste and choice, but nothing more then that. I prefer a live, living thing rather then a clinical morgue inspection. And I do believe, that happiness get ignited by the music being "channeled" in the pure, raw form. 

Matej Isak