Ivo Pogorelich Chopin Recital and why listening matters

Yesterday digging in my vinyl stacks for the evening listening session, brought out a pleasant remembrance. When me moved with family to another town, my musical teacher gave me as goodbye gift Ivo Pogorelich Chopin Recital on vinyl with the personal written dedication. This is one of the treasures, that I hold very dearly as she inspired my interest for classical music and arranged for my audition for vocal choir under the guidance of Mr. Rajšter. He was renowned conductor of MPZ choir and led us to many domestic and abroad concerts. I really didn't care much about all the crowing awards and titles. What I've remembered so dearly is passion for singing and pureness of energy, that was created with the colleague singers. 

It was a mixed choir and my memory is lingering with happy recalling of coming early before the rehearsals and just sitting on the stairs and immersing into a cappella singing of older female singers. They were having fun on the stairways and just sang they hearts out. The Chordettes - Lollipop still resonate with me to the very same day. 

What I'm so fund of having being affected by ardent guidance of Mr. Rajšter was variety of singing repertoiare. We could go from Eric Clapton Cocaine to classical choir in one session. There was no joking, smiling and making fun during the rehearsals. Atmosphere was in the line with Toscanini determination we often joked. Dead serious. We were constantly called out for sining the parts and transcribing the notes like in school. It was dead silent interaction, but with happy hearts and great results. 

Everything connected to the text written above reflect in the way I'm listening to the music and in the way I want to keep my focus. Broadminded, passioned and always whit in the heart of the matter. I love music, I want to understand it and experience it deeper through the listening, but not in the dissection like way. What I want to keep is my youthful urge of endless exploring and immersing into the magical power of the music. Its a gift and so is the reproduction of it. 

We too often forget about this and what high-end should be all about. Not chasing the crystal palaces and fake ornaments. Even in the ultimate take on high-end audio reproduction basic rules should never be changed. Its about music and being affected by the emotional exchange of faithful reproduction. In connection to that vinyl is alway a medium I dearly relate to in these cherished moments. 

My recent listenings with few friends and high-end audio lovers/system owners proved that again and again. People reacts differently with the vinyl listenings. Not only the owners of audio systems, but wives, children, friends etc. They're getting somehow drawn by the analogue reproduction and this creates an cultural impact, that is so missed in the high-end audio society. Anyone calling himself a  true connoisseur and high-end music lover should try to give a chance to others and let them being affected by the music and the quality reproduction. This is a thing of real luxury. To share and connect people with the source of the music. 

Being in the role of writer, journalist, listener, reviewer etc. I see this as one of the main goals. Those of us who have the power and ability to spread the word and get people interested shall gave our hearts out in full. Seeing people relinquished from troubling mind and finding the real joy and safe space in music is a gift, that keeps on giving. Let us all now forget this. 

Matej Isak