Oyaide 102 SSC Copper Cable NEW

In 2013 , when Furukawa announced that they would discontinue the production of PCOCC-A copper, Oyaide and others had to consider what they would do to replace it. 

After deep contemplation of the available options, many of which required unacceptable compromises, Oyaide decided that the best course of action was to make their own proprietary, brand new conductor. They decided to begin with commonly available virgin 99.99% pure copper to insure an uninterrupted supply. At the same time, they decided that their effort should be to create the finest copper ever made for use in high end audio cables. To this end they pulled out all of the stops, going for the most technologically advanced practices and using techniques that had never before been applied to the production of a copper conductor. 

The result is a new copper called 102 SSC. The 102 portion of the name alludes to the fact that after annealing, the conductivity of the copper is increased by 2.3%, and the SSC stands for Special Surface Copper – the result of final drawing of the strands through natural diamond dies that yields a variation in surface thickness of +/- 1 micron over the entire length of the conductor – a monumental achievement! 3 Element stranding completes the picture, with three different diameters of wire arranged in such a fashion that the spaces between conductors is minimized and the outer diameter of the assembly is stable and thoroughly consistent.


• Highest Quality Copper Ever
• New Advanced Techniques Never before applied to Audio Cable
• Proprietary Design
• Supply Without Interruption
• Conductivity Increased To An Incredible level of 102.3% IACS
• Only Pure Virgin Copper Base Material Employed
• Mechanical peeling – a very precisely controlled process removes 100% of impurities.
• Wire is annealed twice to remove all induced stresses and strains.
• ‘In-line’ electric annealing avoids residue of soot left by the commonly used bell type annealing process.
• Fine Drawing Process with Natural Diamond Dies
• Natural diamond dies yield more uniform volume reduction with reduced stress and improved lubricity compared with synthetic diamond dies
• Superior surface structure, with an outer diameter accuracy of ±1μm, far exceeding the ±8μm Japanese standard for conventional copper wires.
• 3E [3 Element] stranding, developed and patented by Sanshu Electric Wire, adopted for audio – a new, higher-spec technology.
• 3E stranding combines strands of three different diameters to increase the density of the wire by decreasing the spaces between strands. This results in a smaller outer diameter than the same gauge wire made with identical individual strands, plus a more accurate, stable and perfectly circular cross section.