Portento Audio The POWERCOND power conditioner/distributor

Portento Audio has developed the hi-end power conditioner/distributor par excellence. It happens very often that power conditioners/filters can cause decreased dynamics or even alter the sound timbre. On the contrary, the employment of massive star-cabled power strips can’t do much against inteferences coming from the power line or generated from any of the system’s components. Portento Audio solves all these issues with a single electrical component. The POWERCOND includes 6 switched outlets divided in two groups. 

Everything is under the control of a micro-processor which has a display that shows the network tension. Four outputs are filtered with PAF (Portento Audio filter) technology connected exclusively in parallel: the spurious on high-freqs are filtered without any dynamics compression. The result is a totally preserved timbre balance, together with intensified dynamics, transparency and focusing – contrary to what most normal filters do. These connections are dedicated to any device: power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and digital sources. The last two sockets are filtered in a serial manner as well, using an EMI/RFI filter engineered to not limit the audio performance. One of the two sockets also has an audiophile decoupling transformer (150va encapsulated) in order to achieve the galvanic insulation of the device. Here we can find the best efficiency, and it’s particularly recommended for digital sources and low-consumption PCs, in order to prevent interferences generated by the same devices.