Spiral Groove Revolution Ultrahigh-End Turntable NEW

You say you want a revolution? Well, you know – at CES 2015 Spiral Groove is introducing its Revolution turntable, designed to deliver ultimate-quality record playback. The new Revolution will be on exhibit at The Venetian, Booth 35-310 (January 6-9, 2015) as part of a complete high-end music system.

You say you got a real solution? The Revolution turntable is engineered using Spiral Groove’s Balanced Force Design approach, aimed at achieving the most elegant equilibrium of materials, performance, function, manufacturability and beauty.

It embodies a host of engineering advancements including a multi-layer, multi-material body, a truncated pyramid-design platter, an inverted sapphire disc/hardened steel bearing, a low voltage/high-torque AC synchronous motor with outboard sine-wave-generator power supply and many additional refinements to deliver an extraordinary level of analog playback.