The King's Singers The Beatles Connection vinyl

Sometimes, you get an album that is just an oddball. It's strange, weird but enjoyable all the same. Then, it becomes like a guilty pleasure and you only play it when you think that no one else is listening. This is my guilty pleasure. The King's Singers are a British a cappella ensemble named after King's College Cambridge. Their popularity peaked in the early 1980's when I was in college in London. However, I found this CD a couple of years later and had been enjoying it off and on since then.... as a guilty pleasure.

Lately, I also managed to find a vinyl copy, and if you think that you're already got every interpretation of the Beatles already, you still need to get this one if you love the Beatles. It brings exquisite polyphonic singing to popular rock.

As a reference album, it is challenging. When the system is set up right, you get the soundstage, the air around each voice, and yet have all six voices in perfect harmony. Magical!!

Mono & Stereo friend Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.