Verum Acoustics D-4 Ebony High End Audio Cable Vibration Damper

D4 Cable Damper Limited Edition is made of 24k gold-plated center, connections for cables and finest ebony as base and it is an accessory to effectively collect vibration to the center and remove it. Electromagnetic, vibration, noise, etc. are created when the cable touches carpet or floor and it gives adverse effect on signal transmission. D4 Cable Damper helps improving the quality of sound by removing such adverse effect

Verum D-4 Ebony Gold Coated High End Audio Cable Vibration Damper for Audiophile. D4  Mpingo Cable Damper Limited Edition:

The difference between regular version of D4 and Ebony Limited Edition is clearly identified through listening test. The regular version of D4 is colorless clear sound on the wide stage and D4 Ebony creates energetic sound with high density. It is like the difference between TR amp and Tube Amp.

D4 Ebony is highly recommended for people who put speaker cable on the hardwood floor; however, even regular D4 users can feel the improved sound effect when they mix regular D4 with D4 Ebony. Based on our testing, when regular D4 was used with D4 Ebony, it supplemented drawbacks of each other and created synergy effect. 

A real timbre with density and energy are added on a large stage, dating resolution, and crystal-clear sound so the music will be played with increased driving force any problem. 

More interesting fact is that, there is a difference of sound when the Ebony is toward amp or toward the speaker. Isn't this called tuning? You can create variety of sound quality by matching D4 acryl version and Ebony version.

D4 Cable Damper Limited Edition guarantees superior musicality than existing D4 due to finest ebony. The performance of ebony on audio has been recognized for a long time. Due to its excellent performances such as clear focusing, deep staging, analog and warm musicality, etc., it has been frequently used as accessory for audios.