Zlatko Kaučič Round Trip

Zlatko Kaučič intriguing and very special album from legendary Slovenian drummer. It is released on the Iztok Zupan’s label Klopotec. This album offers an intimate look into the mind of extraordinary jazz and avant-garde drummer, that follows no rules and let himself into the unique flow of creational playing. Round Trip is special for both musical material and the quality of the recording. This passionate performance will instantly show the real potential of any vinyl front end and complete system. It offers stand out acoustical voyage with the sets of many unusual instruments. There is no other album out there sounding like this. It carry such and lyrical energy and potency to ignite unexpected emotions. Its pure drum poetry for those with open mind and heart. Percussion rhyming at its best.  

Each numbered vinyl copy on the album comes with hand made front graphics. You’ll get your own art to keep and cherish. Both aural and graphical. Its a gift for oneself.

Hats off to ever inspiring Iztok Zupan. He always travels the extra (ten) mile in reaching the soultrane/soulplane with his venture!