Audio Tekne TEA-8695PCS Phono Equalizer Amplifier

Audio Tekne state of the art ultra exotic TEA-8695PCS Phono Equalizer Amplifier takes vinyl reproduction to the new level. With built in Ultra Large MC Transformers and LC Type RIAA, this phono preamplifier remarkably evoke the best attributes of the real music. It is highly recommended to combine 8695PCS with TFA-8695 for the ultra high-end performance. Check out the exclusive photo set. 

Technical Characteristics: 

Inputs : Phono: Only MC Low & High,
Max Input Level : Phono: Low 25mVrms,High 85mVrms
Output Level : 1.6Vrms(std) ; 11Vrms(max) Balance(XLR) & Unbalance(RCA)
RIAA Accuracy : +/- 1.5dB (20Hz...15KHz)
Power Consumption : 70VA
Power : AC100V, 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Dimension : W46.0 x H17.0 x D41.0cm
Weight : 43.5Kg